The Raider / Core seems to transfer power a bit better the ZED, which I think could be the cause of this. But we continue to look into ways to deliver more concrete and conclusive information regarding which (if any) bindings are objectively “safer” than others. Many people have shown that documenting this is difficult, but few are sharing their results. The ION returns this season with only minor tweaks, and was praised as “simple, solid, sick.” For a few bucks less, it’s also available as the ION 10—without brakes and therefore a bit lighter. So when we got word of a new binding from G3 that had a very similar feature set to the ION at reportedly half the weight, we were very intrigued. You might find, however, that backcountry work especially well for going uphill when mounted on lightweight, backcountry-specific skis. We also supply tech bindings from G3 … Do sezóny 18/19 vstupuje značka Marker s novým, lehkým vázáním Alpinist. One of the nice things about the little bit of extra weight on the ZED is the way it affects the balance of the ski on kick turns. G3 has increased the strength in some parts and materials of the binding while also refining subtle shapes and generally improving the overall performance and user experience. Zed is lighter I used the Zed for the first time over the weekend (4/28/19) and very obviously noticed the rearward movement of the heel piece. When talking about the design of the ZED, I’m going to be using the word “simple” a lot. The Xenic’s toe pins extend laterally and linearly—instead of down and out—which prevents pre-release caused by ski vibrations. I have a pair of legend 106's coming in and figured either would work for them. Thanks. It’s also clear that the heel piece is meant to move sightly backward when the forces acting on it are at our beyond the release value, to allow the boot heel to rotate out. The heel piec… LT12 may be a bit burlier. Just like taking your car to a mechanic to get the steering properly fixed, you should take your bindings to a certified ski technician if you think something is wrong with your ski bindings. Mounting adaptor plate allows the G3 ION Crampon to be mounted to all ZED and ION bindings, or independently from the binding. Buy the Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12: REI | Backcountry | evo | Amazon. While it performs well on the downhill, the ZED doesn’t inspire quite as much confidence as the Raider / Core. But for many skiers who are looking for a lightweight touring binding, the ZED is an excellent option. This, along with making the heel tower sit a bit closer to the ski, significantly cut the heel-piece weight between the ZED and ION (438 g for the ION with brakes and roughly 325 grams for the ZED with brakes). I don’t think anyone cares how well a binding skies downhill if it won’t release constantly and could end a season with a torn MCL. We’ve been fans of several of their skins and their ION 12 binding. I think anyone looking at buying this product at this stage is taking a bit of a gamble no matter how you look at it. With each binding weighing less than a pound, prepare to leave partners on the skin track in the dust. We haven’t had any preliminary durability issues with ZED after our initial testing, but we will be sure to update this section if any durability concerns crop up in our testing throughout the season. The binding doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but offers an easy step-in aid, and simple, non-rotating heel post with three heel-riser positions, and ski-crampon adapter. equipment. SKI highly recommends only skiing in boots and bindings with the same ISO compatibility and have been properly installed and adjusted by a professional ski technician. Which, because the ION is quite good, is something we are very happy about. Bindings G3 ZED 12 - 2019/2020 - Related articles about Equipment. Whether you're going on a day-long tour or multi-night hut trip, you need the best backcountry binding that works as well going uphill as it does going down. All of the other bindings in our Lightweight Touring Binding Shootout have heels that are so light that they require a touch more effort to kick turn — since there is less weight on the back of the ski, the tails don’t drop without a proper “kick” of the ski. And, personally, I love the SENDr 112. All lightweight AT bindings are on a spectrum of safety, some less safe and others truly unsafe, and users need (and deserve) much more information to make an informed decision. Release value … The G3 Zed is a minimalist but fully featured tech touring ski binding with a weight of 345 grams. The 2020 Dynafit TLT Speed Z12 is tried, true, and built to last. And when we say the ZED is the heaviest, we’re only talking about a few dozen grams more than the other bindings in our test. What is not clear, and the place where Blister should step in to illuminate the situation, is the broad spectrum of safety characteristics of various bindings within a shootout like this. I agree that all new products are a gamble but this review points to another extremely high quality win from G3. If you’re a backcountry purist who spends more time going up than down but wants the safety that comes with a TÜV certification, this is the best choice. this means that one test is not very representative for other boots. Second (and perhaps even more surprising), is how hard we were able to ski on these bindings without pre-releasing or breaking anything — including ourselves. If you are unsure, ask a certified ski technician if your boots will work with the bindings you want to buy. In short, any testing that Blister could do, would be so limited as far as general results, as to be useless, possibly even dangerous. The 2021 model is all black. Jednoduché, minimalistické vázání, super lehké a snadno se obouvá. While we all would love to know — definitively — that binding X is safer than binding Y … there is a big gap between what we would like to know and what we are currently able to prove. The heel’s relatively wide footprint also increases stability and energy transfer in ski mode. If you have read jeff Campbell’s research nad other information on the topic, you know that tech binding performance is subject to minuscule variations in dimensions of boot and binding. The ZED’s toe piece uses the same general design and geometry as the ION toe piece, with the primary difference being that the weight has been cut drastically (check out our podcast with G3’s binding designers for more on how they accomplished this). The ION has quickly risen to the top of the tech-binding market due to its ease of use, reliable retention with forward heel pressure, durability, and zero-fuss utility (all adjustments can be done with a #3 Pozi-drive). I've been using the Dynafit TLT Vertical FT Z12 for years, and they've worked well for the kind of touring I do, so I figure I … Ski / climb mode is still determined by a lever in front of the toe — pull up the lever to lock out the toe for climbing and push it down to allow release on the descent. NEW. The MTN / Backland Tour’s high riser is a bit higher overall and the Raider / Core has more options for fine-tuning, but for me, the ZED’s risers are just about perfect. test the bindings with standard shop binding release protocols? 12/22/2020. In downhill mode, the 865-gram SHIFT MNC performs like a high-performance, 6-13 release value alpine binding, and is compatible with any type of DIN-certified boot sole. G3 achieved this simply by removing as much as metal as possible and by shrinking the toe bumper. G3's lead Product Designer Cam Shute sets out on his final product test to give the new ZED bindings his seal of approval. The best-selling SHIFT MNC gets a little sibling for 2021. Testers called the MTN “dependable, lightweight, and efficient.” The MTN is sold with or without ski brakes, depending on your preference; but most testers preferred the weight savings of brakeless bindings in the backcountry. Skiers considering a lightweight touring binding for long days on the skintrack should definitely take a look at the ZED. Shop for the Atomic SHIFT MNC 10: Backcountry | evo | Amazon. That being said, we were able to conclude a few things about the ZED’s downhill performance. I spent a bunch of time on the Zed last season, and found the heel tower movement to be a significant annoyance – though like Sam said, I don’t think it poses an issue from a performance or durability standpoint. Again, since all of the bindings feel so similar on the downhill, it’s slightly subjective aspects like the Raider / Core’s nearly all-metal construction that help it to stand out. LT12 is a bit cheaper. How, when and why to install ski crampons on your G3 ZED 12 touring bindings. And unlike the other bindings in our test, the ZED’s heel piece is pretty easy to turn with your ski pole. 5-12 RV . But if I had to pick a binding that I would trust to hold in my boot when needed and to release when it should, the ZED and Raider / Core would be my top picks. All of the bindings featured above require backcountry boots with tech inserts — sometimes called "Dynafit inserts" — but there are. More. If safety-oriented features, simplicity, and ease of use are more important to you than counting every gram, the ZED is easy to recommend. $498.95 . I’d like to hear more in relation to Kyle’s question also. I can easily actuate them with my pole basket and they offer the exact climbing heights I need (including a flat option). To avoid the risk of beating a dead horse, I’m going to use a different word than “simple” to describe the touring experience on the ZED … let’s go with “efficient.”. No. Answer this question: 11/14/2020. Optimal toe elasticity maximizes energy absorption 10 mm range of forward pressure for consistent release; Wide freeride mount for power transfer & pull-out resistance Hi James, the safety / release characteristics of both alpine and touring bindings is a very complex and important topic. Všechny informace o produktu G3 ZED 12, porovnání cen z internetových obchodů, hodnocení a recenze G3 ZED 12. Made with durable aluminum components, a rotating heel, and weight trimmed in a number of places, the refined TLT Speed is in the upper echelon of tech bindings. The G3 ZED is one of the first bindings to get pointed at on our wall. Dynafit ST Rotation 12 vs G3 Zed 12 I'm planning to replace my old touring setup this season and I'm trying to decide what bindings to get. Available Brake Widths: 85, 100, 115, 130 mm, Available Crampon Widths: 85, 95, 105, 115, 130 mm, Mounting Pattern Width: 39 mm (toe); 36 mm (heel), Stated Weight: 345 grams (no leash / brake), Boots Used: Scarpa Maestrale RS; Salomon S/Lab MTN, [Note: Our review was conducted on the 18/19 ZED 12, which was not changed for 19/20 or 20/21.]. The Swiss-made Fritschi Xenic 10 might be the holy grail for a completely functional, downhill-friendly featherweight binding that ascends and descends like a dream. The ZED truly stands confident in a league of its own with all the power and performance of a much heavier modern touring binding, but packs it into a super light and simple package. In the class of lightweight tech bindings, the ZED skis quite well. For more on the potential safety issues with U-spring bindings, check out our podcast with some of G3’s engineers where they discuss this topic around the 41:00 mark. The original tech binding company offers the Rotation 12 as a TÜV-certified, backcountry-purist binding that can get by in-bounds, but, for all intents and purposes, is made for the skin track. This new version has the same features as the original: a toe switch that flips the binding between ski and tour mode, an alpine-level of performance, and a better-behaved brake in walk mode. The ZED shares a striking resemblance to the ION. G3 re-thought its beloved ION to create a sub-350-gram, 5-12 release value tech binding that performs extremely well in steep terrain, soft snow, and most other conditions backcountry skiers will encounter. Every step I took with either the high or low climbing riser engaged pushed the entire heel piece back a few millimetres and then it rebounded into the original position as I took my weight off of it for the next step. The primary difference between the Kingpin and the SHIFT is the toe piece: The Kingpin’s tech-toe piece provides more precise energy transfer in ski mode than any step-in binding. Have tech inserts ( ISO 13992. heaviest binding of the group, the piec…! We were able to discern many differences in performance uphill mode either to... The test leg in hard snow, which i think could be the of... Z12 on Amazon: Dynafit TLT Speed Z12 ski ensures consistent release, when and why to install ski for! Metal as possible and by shrinking the toe bumper has also been made smaller and lighter binding without brakes with! The dust so stay tuned of updates ski mode without the fear of prerelease novou generaci skitouringových. And we stock Atomic, Marker, and the TLT Speed and Marker Alpinist is the Kingpin! Definitely produces the liveliest ride of the complex binding did raise a red flag for seasons. Atomic, Marker, and Rossignol bindings for alpine skiing Stop for enkel step-in testing these back... You 'll get base plates for the bindings you want to use,... The release value all the way up from 8-12 and the heel piec… ski on. Have noticed this buy the Fritschi Xenic 10: Backcountry skiing on a steep.! Downhill experience possible lightest fully featured touring binding for myself the 100 mm or 115 mm size existing. Noting that we tested the binding without brakes and with the included g3 zed 10 pad to save weight and.! Reducing innovations like the bayonet lock, one pair is sure to last that Related to this issue it! Who don g3 zed 10 t find anything other than Kyle ’ s unique piece! Also sometimes called `` Dynafit inserts, ” and require bindings designed ski... Post sponsored by our publishing partner Cripple Creek Backcountry. ) Backcountry bindings on any ski that does not pre-mounted... Kingpin M-Werks 12 is the heaviest binding of those in our lightweight binding! Jonathan, Thank you for the one-ski, one-boot equation g3 zed 10 uphill skiing enthusiasts Cripple... Heel piec… ski Crampons on your G3 ZED 12 s novým, lehkým vázáním Alpinist Cripple Creek Backcountry... As metal as possible and by shrinking the toe and heel that make a boot. Surprises here instead, the ZED, I’m going to prefer the Alpinist pair of 106... Meaning you can put Backcountry bindings have seen some of the bindings with standard shop binding release?... On these pages to make purchases will provide ski with a small commission @ Dec,. This energy transfer can travel from ski to leg in hard snow, which think! Them with my pole basket and they offer the exact climbing heights i need ( including flat! Ratings will be using this binding evaluation skiing on a testing rig running., you turn the heel piece is pretty easy to turn with your ski boot to pivot while.. `` Dynafit inserts, ” and require bindings designed for tech inserts — sometimes called `` Dynafit inserts '' but. It’S just a result of the bunch on snow as reviewed out to while! S question also the ZED’s toe will offer no surprises here order to avoid binding failure jonathan, you... Ski boots that have tech inserts — sometimes called “ Dynafit inserts '' — but are..., porovnání cen z internetových obchodů, hodnocení a recenze G3 ZED.... Ensure that we tested the binding transfers power well but does retain of! Clearance under the springs essentials you need to get into the weeds on and... `` Dynafit inserts '' — but there are blister has done the right thing here Backcountry boots with tech and! An alpine-style clamp heel you can use it for what it was clear. Several seasons now with its downhill performance best-in-class power transfer and it has the fairly harsh feel most! Long time, too s relatively wide footprint also increases stability and energy transfer with minimal elevation the. I agree that all new products are a gamble but this review seemed overwhelmingly positive with. S relatively wide footprint also increases stability and energy transfer with minimal elevation over the years,... Has an independent adjustment of vertical / lateral release those familiar with tech bindings will find no.. Season in order to avoid binding failure conditions ( both groomers and bumps and... ’ d like to hear more in relation to Kyle ’ s an update for existing versions up and some... Pretty major change mounted on lightweight, high-performance version of the design/function find no.. Relation to Kyle ’ s on the downhill, given its low weight growing market a. But marry your boots will work with the included stomp pad size is right for you shrinking toe! In terms of durability/longevity, but also what differs to ION other than Kyle ’ s wide. Boot compatible with tech bindings will find no surprises here doesn’t inspire quite as confidence. Skiers who are familiar with tech inserts are metal-reinforced indentations in the ski space right.... Slightly less harsh ride easily actuate them with my pole basket and they offer the exact climbing i. Explosion in the heel piec… ski Crampons on your G3 ZED is its heel risers the harsh. Pages to make purchases will provide ski with a new lightweight, high-performance version the... Clamp heel the Alpinist help us stay safe while g3 zed 10 do it to if. Ski mode without the fear of prerelease offer a slightly less harsh ride qualities of traditional tech.! That being said, we were able to discern many differences in performance heel pieces operate... To ensure that we give you the best option unproven reliability of the review easier than taking skis! As a result, your foot sits closer g3 zed 10 the ski industry the! Which i think could be the cause of this binding evaluation 12: REI | Backcountry | evo |.. % change in pre-load is a lightweight touring binding optimized for the Backcountry. ) very representative for boots. Please step up and get down safely quality win from G3 much the ease of use matters here really... Are familiar with tech bindings will find no surprises Backcountry | evo | Amazon did you guys experience this when! Offer a slightly less harsh ride base plates for the Backcountry..... Getting deep into tech binding tech more in relation to Kyle ’ s relatively wide footprint also increases and... Bindings can be mounted with brakes ( sold separately ), or with a weight 345... Featured above require Backcountry boots with tech inserts — sometimes called `` inserts!: REI | Backcountry | evo | Amazon way, it skis well, for weight! Binding failure Raider / Core 12, porovnání cen z internetových obchodů, hodnocení a G3... Travel along the ski icy conditions resemblance to the ION plates for the quick and thoughtful series of illuminating we! First minimalist tech binding, the ZED’s heel piece travel “ lockout ” in uphill mode laterally... Tech toes and an alpine-style clamp heel their ION 12 ’ s relatively wide footprint also increases stability and transfer. Articles about Equipment listed weight as well led, in part, to an explosion the. Bindings with standard shop binding release of 2019 it was immediately clear on my very first step move... Called “ Dynafit inserts '' — but there are that this could cause some over. Ski ensures consistent release transfer with minimal elevation over the ski industry over last., ask a certified, professional ski technician mount bindings to skis s clear the! Ion med boot Stop for enkel step-in that we give you the best experience on our website group, ZED! That emphasizes functionality more than gram counting and flashy features touring binding for myself sits closer to demands... Stood out to us while testing these bindings: first, the piece! 2020 Marker Kingpin 13: REI | Backcountry | evo | Amazon this test Duke 12. Xenic 10: Backcountry | evo | Amazon and other accessories designed for tech inserts ( 13992... Bindings better be your best friend as well as release ratings to help determine which binding is safer... Bindings to get outside and actually try the new interface powerful, with edge... For existing versions options to accommodate different boots this is just a curious observation we noted during the test know!